Anti-Ram Raid High Impact Energy Absorbing Access Control Removable Powder Coated Safety Yellow Bollard.

These removable bollards are key operated designed to assist to protect, combat and prevent Australia wide theft of retail, industrial, commercial goods, high performance, exotic vehicles and cars, plant and equipment, from ram-raid, Ram raids, ram-raided, ram-raiding, ram raider, raid-able, of commercial roller doors, Industrial roller doors, Retail entry doors, Office entry doors, Retail exit doors, Office exit doors, Office shop fronts, Retail Shop fronts, Bank shop fronts, Retail air lock entrance’s, Office air lock entrance’s, Automatic teller machines (ATM’s) on business, by managing vehicle access to High risk area and Security zone protection, High impact vulnerable and High energy impact zone in architectural and industrial environments in Public space, Road way access points, Driveways, Parking areas, Public areas, Roads, Streets, Side Streets and Lane ways. This bollard is key-lockable and removable. We recommend with every installation, the Roller Door Lock Down Kits should be installed for enhanced protection from ram-raiding.